Halff Releases Criteria Community Inventory

Halff Associates, in partnership with NCTCOG, has completed their Stormwater Criteria Community Inventory.

Ordinances and Drainage Criteria Manuals of fifty-three (53) communities were reviewed and compared to eight (8) iSWM Design Criteria:

  • Fully-developed land use conditions
  • Detention structure discharge
  • Streambank protection
  • Flood mitigation/downstream assessments
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Spread
  • Finished floor elevations
  • Water quality protection

Data was also collected from an NCTCOG email survey completed in December 2018 asking if use of fully-developed land use conditions was required in drainage criteria. The iSWM criteria review was based off of the NCTCOG Tiered Measurement Form which is utilized as a checklist that can be used to determine iSWM status when applying to become an iSWM certified community.

Upon review, each criteria reviewed for each community was placed in one of the three categories:

  • Follows iSWM criteria
  • Partially follows iSWM criteria
  • No coordinating criteria found

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