Celina Certified iSWM Gold

In the Spring of 2021, the City of Celina was awarded the first ever Gold iSWM designation! The North Central Texas Council of Governments will present the Celina city council with a plaque and street sign designating their iSWM status at an upcoming city council meeting.

Some of the iSWM outcomes the City of Celina has focused on and implemented include:

  • designing stormwater infrastructure to fully developed land use conditions,
  • requiring adequate downstream conveyance for peak discharges,
  • and requiring elevated finished floor elevations for structures in the 100-year flood elevation.

Congratulations Celina, for all the amazing work you are doing to improve water quality, improve drainage facilities, protect streambanks, and mitigate flooding risk!

For more information about Celina's implementation of iSWM, please visit the following resources:

For more information about how your community can become iSWM certified, please visit our resources page.