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Design, Construction, Inspection, and Maintenance of Permeable Pavement

This training features an overview of Permeable Pavement and its applications, as well as guidance on how to design Permeable Pavement for site grading improvements, water quality benefits, and detention requirements. The presentation also includes guidance on construction sequencing for permeable pavement, including site preparation and implementation, guidance on inspection and maintenance, and case studies.

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Early Stormwater Planning Tools for a Successful Development/Redevelopment

This training features an overview of stormwater planning tools that can be used for successful development and redevelopment with post-construction BMPs. Case study success stories are also discussed. These tools include recent updates to the Site Development Controls Technical Manual, the National Map Viewer, the TPWD TEAM Ecosystem database, and more.

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Bioretention Installation

This short video explains the concepts behind installing a bioretention facility.

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Technical Feedback from iSWM Adopters

This webinar provides a summary of the online iSWM Adaptor Survey Results, addresses the feedback received and provide recommendations for changes that should be made to the iSWM manuals.

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Site Development Controls Workshop #1

This workshop is the first of three to discuss potential reorganization/revision of the current Site Development Controls iSWM Technical Manual. October 9, 2019

  • Review current and new best management practices (BMP)
  • Discuss new BMP technologies
  • Discuss BMPs that could be potentially removed from the current document

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Site development Controls Workshop #2

This workshop is the second of three to discuss potential reorganization/revision of the current Site Development Controls iSWM Technical Manual. February 5, 2020

  • Review feedback received in workshop #1 on October 9, 2019
  • Discuss reformatting strategies of the Site Development Controls section of the iSWM

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iSWM Workshop on Stormwater BMP Maintenance

This workshop addressed the post-construction maintenance of stormwater BMPs with an emphasis on water quality. Topics included maintenance program strategies, implementation, data collection and management, costs, design considerations, and case studies. Recorded December 4, 2018.

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Rules of Thumb for Engineers and iSWM Lessons Learned

This workshop addresses rules of thumb and lessons learned for applying iSWM engineering principles. The training discusses common points of interest for site design including H&H, water quality, streambank protection, erosion control, and downstream assessment. Recorded on April 27, 2018.

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iSWM Implementation Training

This workshop provides meaningful information about the iSWM program and through local case studies shows how addressing water quality in North Texas can add significant value to new and existing developments in the region. Recorded on January 30, 2018.

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New iSWM Implementation Approach

This workshop gives an overview of what integrated Stormwater Management (iSWM) is, it's history, roadblocks to implementation, and the new approach to implementation. Recorded on October 22, 2014.

Topics include:
- What is iSMW?
- iSWM basics
- Overview of iSWM Program
- Previous implementation requirements
- Past roadblocks
- Implementing iSWM: 2014 and beyond - new approach

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Water Quality for Street Design

This class provides an overview of innovative street designs that incorporate water quality and Low Impact Development stormwater practices using the updated Transportation integrated Stormwater Management (TriSWM) Guide and iSWM Technical Manual as resources.

Topics include:
- The impact of streets on water quality
- Water quality regulations applicable to street design
- Overview of Transportation integrated Stormwater Management
- Complete Streets considerations
- How to address water quality for street design
- Examples of regional street designs that address water quality

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Low Impact Development in North Texas using iSWM

This workshop demonstrates the feasibility of achieving Low Impact Development (LID) site designs through the tools and techniques found in the integrated Stormwater Management (iSWM™)  Manuals. This workshop builds on the success of the 2012 North Texas Low Impact Development Design Competition conducted by the North Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forum (NTLWSF).  Learn about the collaborative process used to create an LID site plan and the economic, environmental, and aesthetic benefits of LID/iSWM design. (Series of videos)

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iSWM Design of Stormwater Ponds Workshop

NCTCOG and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service conducted a workshop on the design, installation and maintenance of stormwater ponds. The class consists of an overview of the different types of stormwater wet ponds, design criteria, an example exercise, and maintenance and inspection considerations.

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iSWM Post-Construction Water Quality Training

This class provides of an overview of the options in iSWM to meet water quality requirements, what applicability criteria, the design of commonly used water quality BMPs, an overview of water quality BMPs that have been constructed in the region, and existing and future trends in water quality regulations.

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Bioretention Design

This class gives a brief introduction into designing bioretention facilities for the North Central Texas area. The class provides information on the equations to size a bioretention control, how to review plans, and maintenance issues.

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Downstream Assessment Analysis

This class goes into detail on how to perform a downstream assessment and the effect the results could have on detention requirements. We also cover the required documentation that should be submitted with a downstream assessment and how to review submitted materials. Real world examples are provided.

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Maintenance and Inspection of Stormwater Controls

This class provides for local governments to use in developing ordinance language to ensure the long term operation and maintenance of stormwater controls. Topics covered include private vs. public ownership, easement requirements, inspection documentation, and enforcement of ongoing maintenance requirements.

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