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Elm Fork Athletic Complex
Dallas, TX

Project Description

Elm Fork Athletic Complex is a 140 acre soccer complex located southwest of the intersection of Walnut Hill Drive and I-35E in Dallas.  Construction of the complex is underway with a projected opening in 2012.  The project master plan incorporates youth and adult soccer fields in a layout that provides; centralized parking that is convenient to all fields, restrooms, concessions, and storage facilities, a perimeter nature trail, and irrigation and lighting for all of the fields. The master plan places an emphasis on environmentally sensitive development of the athletic complex.  The project site is a former landfill which resulted in many challenges regarding design and stormwater quality.

Key iSWM Features

Elm Fork Athletic Complex incorporates sustainable design concepts, including stormwater quality, rainwater harvesting, wastewater recycling, and the use of recycled material for construction.  The project design includes seven bioretention cells used to treat runoff from the site.  Due to the previous use of the site as a landfill, stormwater is not allowed to infiltrate from the bioretention cells.  Liners are used under each bioretention cell to prohibit infiltration and to direct drainage to the underdrain systems that connects to the storm drainage conveyance system.

Drawings and Technical Information

The following drawings and technical information are available for this project (click on title for link):

Project Resources

Engineering & Design

Mike Wilkins, P.E., LEED AP
Freese and Nichols, Inc.

Local Government

Thom Hubacek, RLA, ALSA
City of Dallas


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