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The iSWM Criteria Manual for Site Development and Construction contains criteria that cities and counties may use as a component of their stormwater management related development regulations. The Manual contains criteria to address and manage the water quality, streambank protection, storm water conveyance, and flood control issues associated with development and redevelopment. The criteria may be customized by local governments to meet specific local needs, which provides a flexible approach to implementation.

The Transportation integrated Stormwater Management (TriSWM) Appendix of the iSWM Criteria Manual provides for the planning and design of stormwater management systems associated with the construction of public transportation infrastructure. The TriSWM page contains additional information on the TriSWM Appendix.

The iSWM Program Guidance page contains information for local governments to use in developing a comprehensive stormwater management program.

Updated Criteria Manual with TriSWM appendix (.pdf) 2015 (3.1Mb)
Updated Criteria Manual with TriSWM appendix (.doc) 2015 (2.52Mb)

Criteria Manual with TriSWM appendix (.pdf) 2014 (2.85Mb)
Criteria Manual with TriSWM appendix (.doc) 2014 (1.52Mb)

2010 Criteria Manual (.pdf) (1.4Mb)
2010 Criteria Manual (.doc) (1.9Mb)

*The iSWM Criteria Manual was updated in September 2014 to add the TriSWM Appendix.


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